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COMMENT: Slobodan Praljak Lieutenant General of Croatian Army NO COMMENT!


Excerpt from the testimony of Mustafa Čandić in Slobodan Milošević case, ICTY, 11 November 2002

Pages 12734-12735

Q. A couple of points of detail. The first point of detail may or may not relate to either of these operations. Was there action at the Jewish graves at a cemetery in Zagreb connected to either of these named operations?

A. Your Honours, it is true that within Operation Labrador, or, rather, when this network of collaborators was active in Zagreb, at the Mirogoj cemetery in Zagreb, a terrorist attack was launched and Jewish graves were mined at the Mirogoj cemetery, the object being that the Croatian authorities should be represented and shown as being pro-fascist or, rather, to create animosity, that the Jews should have animosity towards the Croatian authorities in Zagreb. Another terrorist act was also being planned on the synagogue in Zagreb. However, that was never carried out because the members of the Labrador operation had to flee to Belgrade because they were in danger of being arrested.

Q. Finally on Labrador, who was the officer in charge of Labrador and what, if any, part of the KOG* detachments were involved or was involved?

A. The officer in charge for Operation Labrador was the head of the security department, Slobodan Rakočević, in Zemun, while the operative staff of the second detachment of the counter-intelligence group in Zagreb, first and foremost Colonel Ivan Sabolović and Major Čedo Knežević, were the people who had links with the collaborators in Zagreb and the persons in the field in the state security that actually launched these operations and sent in reports about everything that was happening in Zagreb and in the top leadership of the Republic of Croatia.


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COMMENT: Slobodan Praljak Lieutenant General of Croatian Army NO COMMENT!


Excerpt from the statement of Radenko Radojčić on 15 March 1994:

“ … I said it would be good that during my absence the bag with the explosive is not in the premises of the “Templum” company.

Platiša asked is it something that goes “bang” which I confirmed. In spite of that Platiša took the bag and carried it into his car.

In connection with the bag which Platiša took, by the end of August, in the Čatež spa, when Platiša, Malobabić and I had a conversation, I asked Platiša to hand over the bag to Malobabić who offered on his own to place the bag somewhere safe.

Later in Belgrade, he told me he had put away the bag on a safe place, in the second storage on Jarun (Zagreb) which he showed me when we were hiding his sack.

Around 2 p.m. on that day, Malobabić and I took off in my car from Zagreb to Holland, into Emen, and stayed with Henk. I had a contact in Emen related to the business of my firm, and as for Malobabić, we arranged for him to buy an Opel Kadet on the name of the representative office of “Grafi-linea b.v.”
Connected to the stay in Emen, I wish to stress two other moments.
I don’t recall the exact date, but on the morning news of Sky News, on the television, around 10 a.m. we heard that there were two explosions in Zagreb, on the Jewish cemetery and in the Jewish Community.”
*KOG – Counterintelligence Group


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