Anti-Semitic Stamps and Posters From Nedić’s Serbia (1941 – 1944)

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Anti-Semitic Stamps and Posters From Nedić’s Serbia (1941 – 1944)

Spirit of Serbdom
January 26, 2014

When the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was invaded by National Socialist Germany and its Axis allies, it was split into several sections, one of this section which was under German control was known as “Nedićeva Srbija” (Nedić’s Serbia). Dimitrije Ljotić, a Serbian nationalist and Jew-wise person, cooperated with the German administration for the common struggle against the international Jewish elite, despite the fact that the Serbian nation suffered through the anti-Serb policy of the Axis powers (see: Hermann Neubacher and his Balkan adventure). Dimitrije Ljotić and his followers were members of the Nedić government and propagated for the truth in order to expose the international Jewish elite. They opened the “Antimasonska izložba” (Grand anti-Masonic Exhibition) and published stamps and posters, mainly about the Judeo-Masonic-Communist menace (some of these posters contain negative propaganda against the Chetnik leader Draža Mihajlović. He was neither a traitor nor an agent, it was the invasion and occupation of Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the negative treatment of Serbs that forced him to fight against the occupiers on the side of the western Allies. He fought against the communists as well).



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